Who is lawyer Oreste Maria Petrillo, the expert business lawyer in the digital world

Are you a web trainer, coach, marketer or agency and want to protect your digital business? You are in the right place.

The Lawyer behind the biggest and most important launches in Italian internet marketing. When an online entrepreneur needs to launch and needs fast, professional and impeccable contracting and legal advice, I come in.

I have international legal experience, especially in data breach and privacy law (GDPR especially).

Among the large international firms I have worked with are the London firms belonging to the famous “Magic Circle“, the five most prestigious multinational law firms headquartered in London, characterized by the highest revenues, the most internationally oriented work and consistently higher profitability than the rest of the British market.

I have been a lawyer since birth (both parents were lawyers who spoke only about law in the family) and have specialized, including through postgraduate masters degrees, in corporate lawyering, e-commerce, web contracting, international business law, international criminal law, cyber crimes, privacy law and new technologies and protection of digital businesses.

I have worked with some of the world’s largest companies to help them protect their interests online, and I have helped numerous startups get off the ground by drafting their initial contracts.

I am passionate about helping businesses thrive online and am always looking for new challenges.

If you read some of the reviews left for me by some of the Biggies in the Italian online business scene, you will notice for yourself the difference.

Until now I had remained behind the scenes, they contacted me by word of mouth, and I was ready to fulfill, as quickly as possible, their every legal wish.

Until a long-time client of mine said,“But you’re such a standout, your online competitors are far inferior to you, why don’t you make yourself known online?” From there, the idea for the site was born. First only in the mind and now realized through the portal you are reading right now.

I am the one who is contacted when Bigs need technical and specialized advice, because they know they will find precision, professionalism and speed.

Child of art, both parents civil litigants.
Of me they say:

“Corporate and International Business Lawyer. With over 10 years of experience in international business and litigation, he specializes in Digital Law, GDPR, Data Protection, Compliance, Document Reviews, Contract Drafting and Negotiation, and Corporate Internationalization.

Former lawyer at FTI Consulting and Ernst&Young and other corporations in Italy and the UK, such as those belonging to the famous circle known as the “
Magic Circle

Expert in international transactions.

He has worked with a wide range of clients, including technology startups, online marketers, and e-commerce businesses. Attorney Petrillo has extensive experience in negotiations and understands the critical importance of timeliness, accuracy, and advice in creating contracts. He is also a skilled negotiator and has a deep understanding of the Italian market.”

Along with law books I was studying international marketing courses, hence my specialization in law for businesses and freelancers working in digital.

I help online businesses protect themselves legally with customized contracting for every need.

On the strength of my direct experience in digital, I know exactly what you need and how you need it, and most importantly, as in a game of chess, I know exactly what moves to make to prevent not 1, but 3 moves by your clientele.

A lifelong sportsman, I combine the character forged by tough sports with the tenacity to achieve the goals set with the client.
Lover of chess and Texas Hold’Em.
Because they are two sports that lead you to reason on advanced levels of thinking and anticipate your opponent’s every move.

Some have called me the “hound” who fights alongside the client until the result is achieved.

I simply like to call myself the only person who can help you in your most critical moments (and if you get help from me, we prevent critical moments with ad hoc contracting and counseling).

Useful Resources

Some have asked me about my other legal activities. Here they are:

  • Here on how to internationalize your business abroad
  • Here if you are interested in taxation and law in the crypto world
  • This, on the other hand, is my wife’s company if you are interested in private lessons to learn how to speak in public really effectively, like a real professional actor

How to Shelter Yourself from Unusual and Attacking Clients Through a Correct Legal Strategy

Without having to move from your office and without having to worry about the legal area of your business anymore (and all this with measurable, certain, and secure results and timelines)

Are you a web trainer, coach, marketer or agency and want to protect your digital business? You are in the right place.

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How to Shelter Yourself from Insolent and Attacking Clients Through Proper Legal Contracting

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