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If you have a digital business you will surely have come across one of these 3 types of customers at one time or another:

  1. customers who stick to their words and if you promise them 100 and they get 99.9 they will demand a refund for that 0.1 not achieved.
  2. Customers who purchase with the express purpose of stealing the contents and asking for a refund
  3. clients who will get into financial difficulties and will do anything to avoid paying, making up whatever shortcomings you have, real or alleged, in order to stop paying you.

Whichever client you find, you will not be able to think about posthumous legal protection when you receive the letter of demands from the client or his attorney. No, it will be too late there.

You need to preempt and have a legal contracting system that will blitz your entire digital business and make it foolproof to attackers and furious customers.

And that’s where I come in: I amlawyer Oreste Maria Petrillo, the contracting expert for digital businesses. I am the legal mentor and advocate for Italy’s best-known trainers, the man behind the scenes, behind the biggest and most important launches in Italian digital business.

Ask your most famous colleagues about me; they will tell you how I helped them.

I know how it feels after working so hard and having a compensation letter delivered by a lawyer. Your world will fall in your lap, and you will curse yourself for not having thought earlier to have ad hoc contracts in place to protect your digital assets.

But it will be too late…

That’s why I came up with: “ContractingPro,” the first legal contracting product designed for digital businesses.
And yes, because digital businesses have special characteristics that differentiate them from physical ones, such as for reimbursement. Let those who have already helped the best in your field help you.

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If you’ve ever had problems with attacking and specious clients, let attorney Oreste Maria Petrillo, the lawyer behind Italy’s biggest digital business launches, the legal mentor to Italy’s top marketers, protect your digital assets and your online business with specialized contracts for digital entrepreneurs. Guaranteed by your colleagues and seen in major Italian newspapers.

I guarantee that you will have the best contract to protect your digital business in approximately 48 hours after sending the information, and you will be able to forget about your problems with customers-it will be like having legal insurance without having to do anything.

Simply, fill out the form, contact me, and leave all the details so we can work. If I understand that I can help you, I will be on the phone myself and explain my work. You pay half price at the beginning of the work and the other half when the work is complete, after 48 hours.

You will not have to do anything else, just wait and enjoy the proper contracting for digital business.

Top digital entrepreneurs chose me. If you want to say goodbye to a wide variety of headaches with your clients, contact me and within 48 hours you will have the correct contracting customized for your specific case.

You may think you never need it. But the truth is that by the time you realize they would have been useful to you, it will be too late to protect yourself.

Listen to me, web contracts are a necessary economic “evil.” They protect both parties involved in the transaction and ensure that everyone is clear about the terms of the agreement. However, they can be a bit of a hassle to create and manage.

That’s where I come in, with workmanlike web contracts.


Once a client of mine, an entrepreneur like you, told me how he was losing all his business because of a particularly willing brawler client to sue him.

What had happened?

My client had sold him a turnkey service, but he had not employed the one secret behind the most shrewd and long-lived millionaire entrepreneurs.

A secret that applied would save him from failure.

His client had taken him to court because he was seeking damages of several tens of thousands of euros alleging that what was promised had not been realized.

Was it true? Wasn’t it?

That is not the point.

The story goes that my client no longer had proof of the agreement; he had lost it with the loss of data from his hard drive.

And he didn’t have the one thing that would save him, the real secret: a contract created for the specific service.

The story ends with my client relying on me and me saving him with a transaction.

But there is an additional story behind this story.


If you want to get married or move in together, you would never think of moving into a house without appliances, even if you were poor, you would take out a loan to buy them.

If you want to do business online, you will pre-equip yourself with an SLR, lights and a professional microphone.

If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, therefore, you can only start from the ground up, that is, the start already with a contract that armors your business and fully clarifies both your and your client’s rights and obligations.

Only in this way can the other side not make absurd and specious claims!

And that is why I created, feeling the need of dozens and dozens of entrepreneurs, the product of “Contracting Pro.”

What does “Contracting Pro” do for you?

  • Economic security, because you know your business is protected with “armored” contracts;
  • advantage over the competition, because unlike your competitors who wait for disaster to protect themselves with contracts, you start from the beginning with contractual protection to base your business on rock and not sand;
  • success, because it all gives you the happiness and carefreeness of being able to think only about scaling your digital business and leaving the problems in the background.


2655 days. This is the overall average duration of an entire civil judgment of about seven years and three months.

For this judgment, the economic amount you will spend is between 3 thousand (for small cases) to 50 thousand (for much larger cases).

Italians, among the European population, are the most quarrelsome. In our country, the incidence of lawsuits is 2.4 times higher than the average for European countries.

Why this statistic?

You see, the main problem I hear among clients who come to me is that most of them contact me when it is already too late, when they have already received a notice of default from a client or colleague.

At that time you can only plug the holes to stem the water loss.

The top 1 percent, on the other hand, know that they have to come to me BEFORE they launch one of their products to avoid future legal disruptions, exorbitant costs and very long times given by the all-Italian procedural lengthiness.

That’s why I am the Lawyer behind the biggest and most important launches in Italian internet marketing.

My work with them is mainly done in two ways:

  1. Legal Contracting, so that even the most attacking of your clients can find an insurmountable defensive wall;
  2. Legal Advice to help you immediately understand what to do and, most importantly, how to do it.

Whether you choose to rely on me before or after the launch depends on the kind of entrepreneur you want to be: success-focused (problem-preventing) or the entrepreneur who lives by the day (of the “when I have the problem I’ll take care of it” type).

I know very well that“selling prevention” is something very difficult, but it is my profession: to you, as an entrepreneur, I have only let you know the solution to your problem.

What to do when you don’t know where to start? If it is true solution you need, then contact me today and I will take care of it.

You see, unlike other competitors and/or online contracting that can be downloaded from the Web, I only deal with one client at a time. To that one client I give the utmost attention and dedication. Some people say my contracts are great and add“the service is the best I’ve ever had.”

Have you already tried other avenues and are dissatisfied? Then turn to those who make specializing on contracting and consulting for digital businesses their bread and butter and discover the real BENEFITS of having theLawyer behind the biggest and most important launches in Italian internet marketing on your team.

I'll Protect Your Project As If It Were My Own

Contracting to the highest legal standards

Contracting for digital businesses through hours and hours of legal study and practice.

Contracting that allowed me to grow by word of mouth alone, work behind the legal scenes at Italy’s biggest online projects, and become the
Lawyer behind the biggest and most important launches of Italian internet marketing

I specialize in contracts for digital entrepreneurs, so I understand the unique challenges and needs of my clients.
Contracts are an important part of any digital business!
Safeguard your success, secure your future and protect your business!

Legal advice

When you don’t know how to legally approach a new business and what risks and benefits you can get out of it from a legal standpoint, that’s when I come in.

Often my clients contact me asking, “I have this business in mind, but before I start with drafting the Privacy and Cookie Policy, Terms and Conditions, and contracts, I wanted to know how to approach it from a security standpoint, to know what I risk in doing it a certain way.”

Here I am the right professional for you.

Control over contracts (and other acts) drafted by counterparty

When you are the one who receives a contact or a warning, how do you know whether you have to sign and what you have to answer?

You see, my clients often receive pre-filled contracts already (this happens when they work with large, structured companies that have everything ready).

At this point they ask me what to do and what they should ask to change.

Here they are their real trump card, the specialist who makes them avoid entering into contractual relationships, through field contracts, with clauses that are unclear and unprofitable to them. I am the legal professional who eliminates the root of problems before they can fall ruinously.


Se hai bisogno di aiuto legale rivolgiti a me, forse non potrò sempre dire di sì, ma farò il possibile per aiutarti.

Sono sempre impegnato, ma cerco di dare spazio ai nuovi clienti ogni mese, ecco come verificare se sono disponibile:

Avv. Oreste Maria Petrillo

L’Avvocato dietro i più grossi e importanti lanci del business online italiani.

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